Muslims Against Hunger is a network of volunteer communities that has grown worldwide. We have over 5000 volunteers in US, Canada, Haiti, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Philippine. and are now located in over 20 plus cities in the United States.

Anyone is welcome to volunteer regardless of his or her faith and work towards promoting interfaith dialogues and building bonds of compassion to serve humanity.

At Muslims Against Hunger, our volunteers come from various backgrounds and walks of life and are working towards one goal and that is ‘to feed the hungry’.Our definition of hunger is simple, ‘if a person does not know where his/her next meal is coming from, then he/she is considered hungry.’
Definition of Hunger

Muslim Against Hunger has multiple silo projects that work towards this goal of feeding the hungry, among which are:

Faiths Against Hunger, a network of different faiths interacting together to provide the means and the path to self-sufficiency for those living in poverty. Faiths Against Hunger is a movement created in North America with a network of volunteer communities working in tandem to break the bonds of poverty. To learn more about Faiths Against Hunger visit our website:

Hunger Van a mobile soup kitchen that goes out into the streets to feed the homeless. Hunger Van was a project created in 2011 by Zamir Hassan and was started in New Jersey to bring about a multi-communal group of volunteers to serve the homeless. The main population served by Hunger Van is the homeless who aren’t able to go to a soup kitchen or a shelter for food. To learn more about Hunger Van please visit our website at

1 World Community Café is another project of Muslims Against Hunger, whose aim is to create a daily soup kitchen program to feed hot, healthy and nutritious meals to anyone who is in need. The mission of the café is to let seniors and/or anyone who feels that he/she cannot afford a meal to eat with dignity. A lot of families and especially seniors, do not go to soup kitchens because they believe it is solely for the homeless population; however 1 World Community Café is a way to feed even those who are less fortunate without them having to worry about labels. Meals at 1 World Community Café will be prepared by rotating groups of volunteers, where sit down meals will be provided at the Café, following which any left over food will be distributed via the Hunger Van. The goal of this project is to create a daily feeding program and use the kitchen to support Hunger Van projects.

Our projects at Muslims Against Hunger are not only helping to feed the hungry, but also are working to create and awareness and spread a silent dialogue of understanding, compassion, and communal growth.