Volunteers from all over the nation, regardless of their race, creed, faith, background or age get together as one community to prepare food and feed the homeless.

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and nutritious meal. So our dedicated volunteers work together all over the country to prepare every meal from scratch.

Volunteers can prepare, pack, clean up and help with the distribution of food.

To volunteer please register at https://sites.google.com/site/muslimsservedayevents/

Directions to volunteers:

  • Come to the event prepared to have a good time. The volunteers who have fun together help most.
  • If you notice a behavior that causes you concern for someone’s safety, inform the staff immediately. Please use proper discretion.
  • Most of our guests appreciate your service and will tell you so. Occasionally, someone will complain. We suggest you keep smiling and remember they may be having a bad day.
  • Please wear plastic gloves, hat and Apron while handling food and serving (except at the soup station).
  • If your hair is long, please tie it back when preparing and serving food and wear a hat or hair net.
  • Please wear close shoes or sneaker, NO OPEN TOE shoes please.
  • When finished with your assignment, ask the team coordinator for  a new assignment or just help someone else.