Making Vegan Food for Homeless with the Jain Youth of Jersey

<a href="https://hungervan.files click”>Ahimsa is a term Jains and Hindus use to denote non-violence. A man in control of his senses should cause no harm to other living organisms: not even a fly. There are approximately 6 million practitioners of Jainism worldwide. On October 11th, on a quaint suburban street in Farmingdale, NJ around noon, a party of seventeen – ten children an seven adults – busied itself with making 200 Hunger Van meals, subjecting whole wheat to peanut butter and honey, in the basement of a capacious single-family home owned by  Neena and Ashok Jain who according to their faith do not eat meat. Read More

Shalom Aleikhem: Peace to the Poor and Homeless

September 28th – It was a warm autumn day uptown at Central Park North during the holy week of Yom Kippur at Kehilat Romemu: Judaism for the Mind, Body, and Spirit, which was the location of another wondrous Hunger Van event with the Heller family, Paul, a curly-haired young fellow, as organizer, and Mr. Zamir Hassan attending. Michael, Deborah, the parents, alongside of Jonah and Ellie Heller, their children, accompanied by Paul, Zamir, and an independent blogger from Jersey in league with Hunger Van, gathered together at 2 PM, in the sublime spirit of charity, in order to turn out 150 afternoon meals of sandwiches and Read More

PRACTICING FAITH: Muslim Bar Association of New York – MuBANY Members Work Together to Feed the Hungry & Homeless

On September 27th, a beautiful day, dedicated members of the Muslim Bar Association of New York aka MUBANY, all young women and men actively working in the field of law, gathered in a brilliantly clean and spacious condominium a participating member’s friend had offered for afternoon use, a block away from Columbus Circle at 59th to don gloves, bring out chopping utensils, and turn out 250 meals for the homeless. Rather than hang out at the local bar to split drinks while talking of finance, haircuts, or which movie celebrities were arrested DUI, these strongly motivated, philanthropic individuals each took off approximately two hours from their daily agenda to Read More