Sunday of Charity, Romemu Hosts @HungerVan for @ZeroHunger @ShareAmerica

Furthermore, humble submission is the root of service an the way by which a person can stop feeling superior. He will acknowledge that God alone is the Mater of All Creation, as David put it, “Yours, God, are greatness, might, splendor, triumph, and majesty – yes, all that is in heaven and on earth. —Duties of the Heart: The Gates of Dedication of Purpose, Humility, and Repentance, trans. by Avraham Yaakov Finkel to see volunteers in action click here….. October 26th, 2014. At 3:00 PM in the library-basement of Romemu, Institute for Jewish Spirituality, which is located at Central Park North on Read More

Islamic Holiday Spirit – GOOD DEED THANKSGIVING

It wholesale jerseys was cheap jerseys thanksgiving cheap jerseys eve, Ranking HUNGER Sports VAN Welcome was stuck in traffic on Route 1 south on the way to a Hunger Run hosted by Noor-ul-Iman high school students in South Brunswick. Students were anxiously waiting to start the thanksgiving activities by preparing meals for the homeless and hungry, and be thankful for all the worldly things they are blessed with. Hunger Van pulls in front of the multipurpose room at the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, Naushin Tamboo, a teacher and also mother of the senior, Mahira Tmaboo organizer of the event Read More