Making Vegan Food for Homeless with the Jain Youth of Jersey

educare 10-11-14 001educare 10-11-14 006educare 10-11-14 021educare 10-11-14 013educare 10-11-14 019<a href="https://hungervan.files click”>educare 10-11-14 026Ahimsa is a term Jains and Hindus use to denote non-violence. A man in control of his senses should cause no harm to other living organisms: not even a fly. There are approximately 6 million practitioners of Jainism worldwide. On October 11th, on a quaint suburban street in Farmingdale, NJ around noon, a party of seventeen – ten children an seven adults – busied itself with making 200 Hunger Van meals, subjecting whole wheat to peanut butter and honey, in the basement of a capacious single-family home owned by  Neena and Ashok Jain who accordinimageg to their faith do not eat meat.

The Jains educare 10-11-14 029officially manage the Educare Foundation, Inc.:  a US based non-religious, non-profit organization operated solely by volunteers which provides scholarship programs, school facility improvements, orphanage support, qualified staff, and computer education to needy children in India. Educare also conducts a Youth Leadership Program for Middle and High School students in New Jersey. They say it’s important for young people to learn about volunteer work and the special value of charity throughout life, and that they are preparing to be adults by engaging in good work now.

During food production, Zamir Hassan explains to a table of salad-making adults that he started training people in this line of work in Morisstown, NJ first then into 20 different cities, and that Hunger Van project and Faiths Against Hunger was established in 2007educare 10-11-14 009. Though many of the volunteers are religious, Hunger Van events have also been hosted in conference rooms and by various professional groups. Mr. Hassan remarks that the homeless flock to stations and under bridges, and that to distribute the meals, the van should go to Newark, Jersey City, Keyport, the New Brunswick station or a nearby park. “People should stop complaining if they have enough food to eat at home and especially if they have iPhone 4,” he asserts. Three girls when asked, said it was not their first time volunteering, whereas six kids say it’s their first volunteer effort.

The Jain family provided a buffet-style lunch for everyone participating in the event they sponsored of vegetarian curry and rice along with other types of fare. It was excellently provided and received as the morning’s rain ceased, turning into a light drizzle. The prepared and packaged food was ultimately driven to a NJ shelter.

To see volunteers in action visit link below

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