The Hunger Van Cook-Off Competition

All fee’s & donations will go towards the Hunger Van’s
Have a heart – Feed the Homeless Campaign.

Dear Friends and Family:

We write to ask you for your support to our organization with a fundraiser for Hunger Van’s Have a Heart – Feed the Homeless Campaign. We are hoping you could host a Barbecue cook-off as a fundraising event for our campaign to help feed an additional 5000 healthy and nutritious meals to the homeless and hungry.

Our goal is to create a national mobile soup kitchen for the homeless and hungry in our communities and spread the message through out the nation. We at Hunger Van believe that ‘Hunger has no Religion’ and our definition of hunger is simple ‘if a person does not know where his /her next meal is coming from, then he/she is considered hungry.’

For every $5 donated 1 homeless person will receive a freshly prepared, healthy and nutritious meal served with dignity and love.

Please help us by holding your own fundraising event to raise money for our campaign at Have a Heart- Feed the Homeless.

We are counting on your support and hope that you respond positively to our request. Please remember that your donation maybe tax-deductible.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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